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Do I Have Aspergers or Am I Just Introverted?

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2 hours ago, BAO152 said:

I've taken the Myers-Briggs and got INTJ, sometimes I get INTP. I wonder if these types display AS traits?

I think those are personality types. I think auties/aspies vary in which one of those they get, but I wonder too if there's a correlation between personality type with ASD. ASD itself plays an impact on our personalities, but people on the spectrum vary in traits/symptoms. :) I got ISFJ and I'm an aspie. Here's a thread where members posted their results. 

Have you read Willow's definition of Asperger's syndrome? http://www.willowhope.com/pages/what-is-aspergers-syndrome I read it yesterday and I identified with a lot of what she wrote. Maybe it will help you see if you are possibly on the spectrum? It might take time for some people to really realize that they are on the spectrum. It definitely took me some time, but just thought I'd mention it. :)  

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On 25/04/2016 at 8:45 PM, Andy R said:

Hi @BAO152

The first thing you should do if you suspect you may be Aspie is to take the online AQ test. Although not diagnostic in itself it gives you a very good idea;


I tried the test at the link above but my computer wouldn't let me submit the answers (after I'd completed all 50!) saying the submission process wasn't secure. Anyway the same test is also at:


What is useful on this link is there are two formats to take the test. "Quiz Option 1" allows it to be taken by clicking on an image of a screen one question per time. I found this an easier format than the list option which is also offered. I scored 45 out of 50 which was higher than i expected. A while ago I also took the longer test at http://rdos.net/eng/ mentioned elsewhere in the thread and had a score of 143 out of 200 for neurodiversity, i.e. AS. Both tests are good to do, especially for someone who isn't sure whether they're on the spectrum.

Some of the questions on both tests can be tricky. Some involve double-negatives, e.g. a question beginning "I don't..." and then options including "disagree". Choosing the answers can be tricky without more context and for these reasons test scores could vary slightly on retesting but I doubt there'd be radical differences. The nuances and inconsistencies that test questions can present can be clarified if someone does decide to consult a clinician about a possible diagnosis. A clinician would also be able to explore whether other conditions might be present and of course ways forward.


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I find it easier to start with childhood. According to my research the first indicator is infant speech. There is either delay or premature speech. With delay, the speech will be non communicative. Autism sets in earlier then and with speech delay. Less obvious autism starts later. By aged two in both cases clear issues should arise. These follow the patterns described by Leo Kanner and Hans Asperger but there are also essays by Van.Krevelin you can google. I read that with speech delay the physical symptoms will be more pronounced such as motor issues, repetitive stims, lack of emotional response. The issue though is so complex nobody has ever sourced the actual cause.

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