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I think i have discovered a new syndrome

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@rainbow im curious how is the research going? :) hope its going well

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@DebzMata08 The research is going good, still in the early stages I have also discovered this can happen also later on in life in your 50s.  

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On Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 4:30 PM, rainbow said:

@Makelets @Eadric @Nesf @DebzMata08

Here is more about it.

 I have discovered a new syndrome that I could name after myself that can affect adults and young people entering adulthood who find it hard to transition into adulthood.

This syndrome that I believe is a behavioral or psychological condition that results in a long period of time, could risk the child developing further  symptoms of    personality disorder in adulthood , depression, anxiety disorders,  phobias or PTSD later on in life due to the events in life. 

Life events that could bring on this behavioral or psychological condition in childhood.

  • Raised in a dysfunction family life.
  •  losing a parent
  •  chronic fear or distress
  • sexual , Emotional or physical abuse
  • living with a parent who is an alcoholic, or who struggles to manage a mental health problem
  • overly controlling family members or distant parents and while growing up felt the need to be 'perfect' or overly obedient in order to win their affection.
  • Alternatively, he or she with the condition may have been raised in a strict authoritarian environment, such as a religious group, where rigid adherence to rules and regulations was commonplace.  
  • Condescending parental influences that create child insecurities.
  •  How the person learns to deal with stress, their temperament and personality development and the influence of the environment they grow up in..

Many are the symptoms will affect everyone differently depending on the life events that have taken place.

  • Guilt - the person believes that he/she did something wrong that caused the emotional abandonment, the abuse or feeling guilt for not helping parent or family members mental health problems or even losing a parent.  (often associated with depression).
  • Alienation from the environment - withdrawal from social activities, resistance towards others due to feeling judge or feel of abandonment, which have affect on all types of relationship  . But a person can appear to be available, interested, engaged and involved in interacting with others, but he or she may in reality be emotionally withdrawn and sequestered in a safe place in an internal world.
  • Identity - He or she  tend to have trouble seeing a clear picture of their identity. In particular, they tend to have difficulty knowing what they value, believe, prefer, and enjoy They are often unsure about their long-term goals for relationships and jobs.   
  • extreme concern over physical appearance
  • Feelings of grief and loneliness they may feel when they come to terms of what happed in there childhood.  
  •  Rely on others to make decisions for you.

  • find it hard to cope with daily chores of adult life
  •  May find it hard to bond with a young child, this could be due to the abuse they have had happen to them. Or having emotionally unavailable parent growing up

  • often self-harm,. As a way to cope with the demands made in adult life
  • Avoidance of the everyday demands made by other people, this due to having a lot demands place on them as a child. If they were the one taking on the parenting role.
  • Excessive mood swings, often switching suddenly may switch from one state to another very quickly (e.g. from contented to aggressive), driven by the need to be in charge. As they feel they have no control

  • Disturbed sleep, nightmares



There is more research I need to do before I take this further.


I have some essays where the causes of autism are divided into groups. Causes are not always the same. One of the groupings is connected to stress and environmental factors. Other groups are biological such as brain abnornality or maybe there is a pre natal infection. Sometimes it's just psychological. All this material will be translated to my blog over time. If you can find Van Kreevelin's books he's OK to read. 

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