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The Undeserving...

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(Somewhat of a trigger warning).

I have a 'friend' who goes to University in September, he and I get student finance support. Now, this is where I am angry.

I spend £1200 for three months rent while he spend £0 on rent. I get £2100 each three months, he gets £2700.

It confused me how he pulls every string to always get more money. Every time he gets money he always spends it on stuff he doesn't need, just stuff he can make MORE profit off or stuff he wants to collect for making money. I'm not greedy and I don't want extra money, I just don't understand how he gets life so easy and yet gets more rewards. :( 

Now, I'm annoyed that I live harder; zero social live, poor house (damp infested, poor area) and supporting my disabled father along with my issues (aspergers), paranoid of my surround area, scare of leaving my home because I was robbed years ago, depression to some degree, anxiety, scared of change.

He lives with his grand-parents who give him everything. He doesn't do jobs for them unless he gets something in return.

Thinking over a conversation I overheard. "Go shop and get me this". "If I go, I want this" (I forgot the item). He replied. And she went along with it...

I just don't know how he can get more despite doing nothing. Where I give everything to try and live in solitude and to keep my dad happy.

It sounds childish and petty but it annoys me.

The Injustice and greedy always end up winning. Fairy tales and happy endings never exist.

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