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Little Guy
14 hours ago, lifeis said:

thankfully the dependence didn't last

Sometimes dependence sneaks up on a person and then when they are down it becomes a best friend.

6 hours ago, Going home said:

apart from controlling and monitoring intake within prescribed safe limits

I hate to say it but controlling and monitoring are sometimes signs of a problem.

People don't start out as alcoholics rather they start out just wanting to take the edge off or get through. However, as time passes, it takes more and more to take the edge off and the body is less and less able to recover.

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I think it depends on the bar. The bars (and clubs) I end up in are usually crowded enough for bar staff not to have time for a chat. It's usually a non-stop crowd getting drinks all night long. 

And for me personally, if there's time and room to sit at the bar and chat, I'm probably not enjoying myself. I don't mind crowded places with loud music. As much as it might be very un-aspie-like, I can get my stuff and leave if I think it's too much for me at any moment.

I've observed plenty of people in bars, but I don't know if drunk NT's are the way to "learn" social interaction. People already think I'm drunk at times because I might be a bit odd in my speech, mannerisms and such.

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I think it depends on the bar and the social circle/scene. I definitely learnt a lot about socialising from university. Being in a different town, not knowing anybody, it was horrible at first, but that forced me to make an effort to be social so that I can meet people. We went to clubs and pubs/bars and I think it was good for non verbal stuff too, as the music  was too loud to have full conversations, so you watch and learn about subtle hand or head movements, eyes etc. At pubs without music, it was hard to connect in verbal levels, as usual, but again, at these places you learn to find your voice more, as it's a social thing and that's when I realised that I tend to have one sided the conversations or accidently offend people. At least you get to know what NTs think like (a bit at least).

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