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Watching Webinar by Dr. Amen healing brain

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I signed up for a webinar by Dr Amen and eight other experts on brain issues. It's a sales pitch for their products but I expect to learn something. It started at 1pm est today and I do not know when it ends. This was written so far in comments. And there are givaways.

Bill Harris


QUESTION: I have a friend who has an autistic child who does not sleep well. Could holosync be used without headphones in his room? ANSWER: We have had extraordinary positive results when parents have used Holosync with autistic children. If you call our support line (503 672 7117on Monday during our office hours, we can send you something about Holosync and autism.

This is the link I used to register http://t.hsms10.com/e1t/c/*N91q5DWTL4-ZVWktmw33KBdZ0/*W8n3fnK78GZvkV5pTnP4d9QMl0/5/f18dQhb0SmhP8XJ9hPW7BYSNh2qwv2LW4cH6nm1hRwKSMf5ps0XD6prW39Dr-N8pCDMpW5sbcMS96Rg-NW7mxXRy6PZwkVW4WKp1h90G7thW8S23M92yJF1WVYT2jk6P4lCXW3Vpx8-7NrMZsW3ndm6j49WVtrW3VVg3w3ymyQ4W6G2lbz7NMdQNV4cNXy75WRL3W9514lV8WSSCmW8F20z03CxwzGW8mbyX85L5lW7W4P3r6x8gGNyTW32fMvB7nWNr_W6ys5sB3vBjyzW6r172Y67pbm0W19F4_T2CRH1KW5dY1TM34-gn7W2mnHFm1syQzbVJqX5j5gwVCjW4nHnzW5gSHY5W6H5W1X3nTjygVVR6H24q1HYHV8P9Yc8TnkpCW8Vzd308WlLynVHg1k88rY3RHW4gGvWg2k77YTW3h6HWC4bS0pmW18YMpk4vbF6_W7_6lZH55GJBfDdL7JkZDHRf7qVd9203.



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