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Hello all,

Is it normal for an aspie to get such a balanced score? My overall score is "average," but there are some areas in which I got below average. In the past, I've taken other aspie quizzes that told me I'm an aspie. All my life, I've struggled to make and keep friends and felt very lonely; I've also had anorexia and depression. Only recently has insomnia kicked in. Does any of this resonate with any of you? How did you find contentment? Thanks; please see result links below.

(Full analysis): http://rdos.net/pdf/0103097301156572479531385/quiz.pdf

(Graphic only): http://www.rdos.net/eng/poly10a.php?p1=42&p2=41&p3=63&p4=73&p5=42&p6=55&p7=39&p8=70&p9=55&p10=76


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