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Welcome to Asperclick!

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Thank you for stumbling upon Asperclick - a forum for people with Aspergers, and for people who know somebody with AS.

We hope you enjoy your time here and will help to make this a happy, lively (but most of all friendly) community! This forum was founded by WillowHope and is run by her and her Stepfather @Spiderman0_2.

Oh and incase anyone is remotely interested, the little monsters in the header are WillowHope's mascots and so naturally, they just happen to be here! So from left to right we have Junior, Chuckles, Koby and Sparky - or Koby and Friends.

So, basically, all I really wanted to say was welcome and - play nice!

Please read our guidelines, warning system and how to's and FAQ's

- Willow


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