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A to Z Word/mini story Game

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I had the idea for a word game of a few sentences where the next word always starts with the letter after the one before, so the first word starts with a, the 2nd with b, the 3rd with c, right through until the 26th one starting with z. If the first round goes well, theres no reason not to start again from a, whether the same story continues or a new one starts. 

The rules are: there should be a link from the previous word that makes some sort of sense, i.e, it is not just a random string of words such as apple, banana, cat, dog, egg, but something that makes sense eg, a banana can do everything foreign gorillas hate .....  There can not be any compound words or compound names. All words must be self-standing. Names and place names are allowed, but only if self standing, so for example St. John, New York. Mc Donalds or Sarah Jane are not allowed.

By the end of each round, only 26 words should have been used. Also, please leave 24 hours for someone to respond to your word. eg, if you put in a word beginning with m and 24 hours later nobody has supplied anything starting with n, then its fine to add a word with n. However, I'll be likely to reply if nobody else does, but I like to give others a fair chance as the more who take part, the more fun and potentially hilarious it could be.

So, I'll start off with a word/name or placename starting with A. Then the next person comes up with one with B, then the next C, and so on, until we get through to Z, and hopefully have fascinating hilarious results.

OK, here goes




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24 minutes ago, Peridot said:


Peridot, the previous word started with F, so your word should have started with g.

on this one occasion, I'll insert a word with G before yours.

If letters are skipped, the game won't work :)



so, so far

Andrew bicycled carefully down every field giddily hoping..........

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