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Watched a film I thought was very well directed and I chose to watch it in Spanish. I figured Spanish would make the movie more true to life. I was right. The movie was about a plane that crashed in the Andes mountains in 1972. On board was a team of Urugaian rugby players who were flying to Chile for a match. Evidently, the pilots tried to descend too early due to cloudy weather and the plane ended up at mountain altitude. They then tried to ascend but it hit the mountain and finally crashed. Seats catapulted into the air and the tail broke off totally. So, the survivors are now marooned in the ice-cold Andes mountains with just wine and chocolate to use while they hope rescue teams will locate them. At night, temps dropped to minus 35 degrees so they have to huddle together and plug broken windows with suitcases. The rest of the story is well known. The survivors decide to use meat from the dead passangers to avoid starvation but also to supply energy to those who decide to attempt to go across the mountains on foot to Chile. So they had to make the choice to either eat other human survivors or die in the Andes. In the end it took three hikers 8 days to climb mountain passes into Chile. There they directed rescue teams to the camp and wrecked aircraft. With the movie was a documentary and interviews. The survivors were decent people but their experience was pure struggle against almost no hope.

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