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wrong place

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i am a firm believer in the multiverse theory {the idea that there are an ifinate amount of universes that vary in how they operate look and who and what people do} dose anyone else ever think maybe were not ment to be here that we were ment to be someplace different in the universe? not getting along with other people acting and thinking differently. the feeling that something major is missing from this world and thats why were the odd ones out? or maybe we were born in the wrong time period. 


i have always had the feeling i was never ment to be here and thats why im all fucked up, something significant is missing and so im not complete. or that there is an entire place/state-of-mind/being that i dont have access and thats why i feel so empty and broken.

i know im probably just trying to come up with a reasoning why my life is so shit but i cant help but feel this way.

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