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Should i tell my employer?

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So ive known ive had Aspergers for a few years now and have been working with it fairly well. Last year i got a job at a construction yard as a sheetrock stocker, when i started thats all i did crew of 4 definitely the outcast of a closenit group but ive done alright. Sinse i started ive been trying to get my CDL had to work a year first but i love operating equipment and im very good at it. Over this year however being the hardest worker in a crew of 4 very lazy people have been left at the yard due to being shorthanded over there and with all the shit going on there ive had issues with getting frustrated and being a bit rough on the equipment. No more then most but i think its the fact they could see anger that has led them to believe im not a good fit for a driving position. However driving is my favorite thing in the world it relaxes me and i know if i spent some time doing solo deliveries through the day i would not have problems getting frustrated at work as i said ive learned to handle myself fairly well but being surrounded lazy people with no desire to work who constantly stack more on my plate so they can sit around.. i have my limits. They told me they observed this and I immediately stopped. Ive treated the equipment very well reguardless of my frustration ever sense. This was about a month before the year mark i go in for my evaluation and they say they need more time for me to prove that im easy on the equipment i said ok i will and i have and a few weeks later he is putting guys on who spin brodies in the trucks have hit things.. i have to assume he thinks im a time bomb he cant predict. So my question is would it be helpful to tell him that i have Aspergers and would like the opportunity to prove that i am much more valuable as a driver. Driving is the best way ive found to reduce stress and i really am a fantastic driver only thing i did that was hard on the equipment was floor it on the forklift and that was after being told by a co worker that they dont want to help make the task more efficient or put any amount of effort in ect. Im asking because i am uncertain if this explanation will lead to help or be a red flag as we are in a red zone of sorts for layoffs. 

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