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Online Japanese Learning Resources (Other Languages Too)

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28 minutes ago, Catman2018 said:

I heard a that song a couple of weeks ago on Spotify. 

It's pretty cool. He appears to have reused a melody from an earlier song called Heartbeats which is also cool. I guess my favorites of the new album however are Energy and Catbot.

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Thnx for this info.  I WILL check all of this out.  I've always wanted to learn Japanese.  I know a few phrases:

Hajimemashite, watashi wa Grey desu.

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Learning languages is all very well, but how do you get to actually use them? I'm old (or young!) enough to remember the high hopes of the late 80s, with all the hype of 1992 and the new European era that year was supposed to usher in. Despite this promising future, my teachers advised me against continuing my languages (French, German and Italian) beyond GCSE because I was (allegedly) so gifted there was no need to - "you can always pick them up later on". Unfortunately I've made little use of them since.

The one chance I had to really use my languages was the Erasmus programme at university (St Andrews, BSc(Hons) 1998, Logic & Philosophy of Science - Mathematics), but I foolishly blew the opportunity on a disastrous semester in Stockholm. Having believed the hype about how good I was at languages, I naïvely believed I could become fluent in Swedish, no problem. Furthermore I - equally naïvely - believed that the words "approved Erasmus exchange" meant that it had been checked out, audited or suchlike by a bureaucrat from Brussels/Strasbourg/Luxembourg/wherever. In fact no such auditing had ever taken place: I ended up attending lectures on maths and philosophy in Swedish with only a basic-level language course to assist me, and even that didn't even start until half-way through the semester.

My longest job to date, lasting nearly 8 years, was at the Met Office where the only business trips I went on were to London (when the HQ was based in Bracknell). Apart from three isolated tasks (a presentation to visiting French meteorologists, translating German comments in a Fortran program for a colleague, looking at an email message in Italian which proved to be a phishing scam) the only use I made of my linguistic skills was a weekly lunchtime French conversation class. Initially there was a German conversation class as well but that was axed owing to falling numbers. I was fired (on performance grounds) from the Met Office in 2009 and have been out of work for most of the time since. None of the jobs I've had during this time have involved travelling, let alone abroad.

So all that leaves is holiday vocabulary - asking the way to the post office, listening to announcements at railway stations and the like. Shouldn't there be more to using my languages than that?

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