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Relationships with an NT

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1 hour ago, Harrow said:

I'm in a releationship with a neurotypical woman, we fight a lot and we disagree about everything, but somehow through that we're perfect I love her more then anything and I know she loves me and we're close to marriage. I know that sounds counterproductive fighting, I grew up in a an abusive home so it should be the last thing I want. But its more we're both really strong people and opininonated and we have out our careers and studies and we have to make time for each other. Also we are both from completely diffrent cultures and languages so its difficult working out how the other one wil react to certain things, because we are so diffrent.


But my question is she has never mentioned that I seem diffrent or I have quirks or noticed I'm diffrent at all and I have never mentioned Aspergers to her and I'm not sure if I ever want to. What is your opinions on that?


From a neurotypical stand point

Sorry Harrow, i didnt see your reply.

Well tbh its quite difficult for me to notice that Willow suffers from Aspergers, im not sure if thats because ive become used to the way she behaves or whether it just because its not that noticable. I think time is a big factor in your decision to tell her about your aspergers or not, if you have been together quite a long time then my opionion would be to tell her, whats the worst that can happen?, but eventually it will come out one way or another :). Just do what you think is right for your relationship, its cliche, but follow your heart.


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