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Routine Changes

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On 2/1/2019 at 9:45 AM, Sanctuary said:

There's no doubt that these changes in routine, e.g. a change in timetable, can be very hard to deal with. Sometimes they occur with immediate effect with no time to prepare or they are really major changes that are very disruptive. As mentioned above sometimes we need not be so hard on ourselves and accept that these changes are harder for us to deal with than for other people. If an organisation or employer knows that someone has autism they should be trying to make allowances in these cases - avoiding these changes altogether, phasing them in or offering support to help them manage the change. It's worth asking them about whether any of these things are possible. Even if the changes have to occur they can take into account the greater impact. The biggest problems are for those on the spectrum who are not diagnosed (or don't know they have autism) or who are diagnosed but haven't declared it. in these cases they will be expected to cope just as well as their neurotypical counterparts and may be subjected to negative judgement. Therefore it's best to alert those in charge to the issues so they can take them into consideration.

All of my tutors at university have a report outlining my issues and some things they can do to make things easier, but alas, they largely seem to forget about it. I've tried explaining to them a few times, but this need to prompt them to help me is just more stress on top of the existing stress haha. I do have a mentor see me at home for an hour a week, which is just now falling into place, finally, so I will be able to discuss with her practical solutions to some of the issues I face, thankfully!

5 hours ago, Nesf said:

I make a weekly timetable for myself, and also have a weekly diary or planner, I look to see when my lessons are and plan everything around those - when I eat, when I cook and go shopping, etc. I set myself alarms if I have to get up early or do something at an unusual time, or I write post-it notes  and keep all these on my dest where they are visible.

The first couple of weeks of a new term are stressful and can feel very chaotic, but I do eventually settle into the routine.


4 hours ago, RiRi said:

@Willow You can input your schedule into your electronic calendar so that every time they change something you input it to the calendar. And if you want a more visual thing you can also print the calendar every month or week, whatever you choose, and post it somewhere where you'll see it. This is important, to be able to see the calendar (whether electronic or visual). Or get a dry erase calendar and input all the things you need to do there manually and change or add things if you need to. You can include two months at the same time in these things, as times passes on, whatever you want. And it's fun to do that, at least for me it was. Also, you can send text notifications and emails to yourself if you want. And you can choose how many days/hours/minutes you want these notifications sent. This helped me my last days at uni. 

Thanks Nesf & RiRi - I tend to have all my appointments listed in my phone, with reminders set for each. I think more than anything at the moment, it's not knowing what to do/how to cope with the days where I used to have uni and now I don't.

3 hours ago, Aspergolfer said:

I like routine, especially at work. Have X number of carts pulled up at X time, flags and coolers out on the course at X time, pull up enough carts to last until closer comes in. After that, pick the range and wash balls. All need to be done by 12:30PM at the latest.

Sounds like a good job, very stable and predictable :) 

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I really struggled to cope with changes to my routine when it was near Christmas because I kept getting called at the last minute to work, and all the schools I was at had Christmas parties and other special activities, which really screwed up the schedule.  I'm doing a lot better with my routine now, but now the teachers are talking about going on strike again because the senate is trying to pass a bill that increases class sizes and uses school funding for charter schools, as well as making sure that teachers don't get paid if they strike again.  Basically, the bill is in retaliation of the teachers going on strike last year.  The teachers were on strike last year for two weeks because they were cutting down on insurance benefits, and school was closed for those two weeks.  If the teachers strike again, I won't be able to go to work, and my routine will be all screwed up again.  

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