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New Subscription Level Added

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I have listened to everyone's comments and decided to introduce a cheaper monthly subscription level for those who would like to support the site and get some benefits, but cannot commit to £5 per month. The new 'basic' subscription will be £2 per month and sits between normal members and full subscribers in terms of benefits.

why sub1.jpg

Basic subscription carries a group name change to Asperclickers, but the name will not be bold, as it is for the current full subscription Asperclickers.

I hope this is better suited to some members, and look forward to hopefully seeing some new faces in our next live chat!

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If anyone would like access to the live chats but isn't bothered about any other rewards, you can donate $1 a month to my Patreon account and will still get info for the subscriber only live hang outs that I host :) 


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