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When You Travel to New Places...

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13 hours ago, RiRi said:

A lot of you have mentioned using google maps, etc. but google maps can only show you so much. There are things in the interior of buildings, floors, rooms. How do you guys go about that? You guys still try to figure that on your own or do you ask? I've been to clinics where the waiting room was in another area and one time, because I wasn't in the correct area, I totally missed an appointment. I felt like crying that day because it was the last appointment my insurance covered. Partially, it was probably my fault and I should have asked but the personnel in the front desk when I checked in to my appointment should have told me where to go because I had been to clinics before and if the waiting room was elsewhere, like the second floor, I was told where to go. This person just assumed I knew where to go. 

That's a good point about finding a way around buildings and the layout can be confusing, especially for those who haven't visited before. Sometimes there will be floor plans posted in the building or other signage which can be overlooked. These may still not be clear and then we have to ask. I often find it hard to find my way around new workplaces and this can be difficult because sometimes there are no floor plans or detailed information on location of specific rooms; while asking is generally a good idea this can seem strange from someone who has been working there for more than a few days. I do sometimes make my own maps / layouts but have to admit these don't always solve the problem, although they can be helpful. Perhaps we just need to recognise our limitations and be less hard on ourselves. Arriving early or giving ourselves more time to find places is also a good strategy - and of course not forgetting or failing to look at any maps or layout information (as I have done too many times!)

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