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What are your least favourite things

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21 hours ago, StarlessEclipse said:

Vinegar. "Revolting" doesn't even begin to describe it. If I could rid the earth of just one substance, that would be it.

I love vinegar. When I was child I actually used to drink vinegar directly from the bottle - but I also used to eat drinking chocolate from the tin, cereal from the box and eat Oxo cubes so I had some very strange culinary habits which of course I wouldn't follow these days!


I quite like spiders - it depends on the type. We have a kind called money spiders that are supposedly lucky, and they are very cute. I always have a couple living in my kitchen, lots in my garden and I smile when I see them like a positive little presence - and get upset if I accidentally kill one.
I have lots of daddy long legs in my house and let them stay because they catch bugs, I go out of my way to remove them from the shower back into the bathroom before I shower so I dont drown them. My house is neat freak clean except these guys. I debate with myself about evicting them and politely apologise for destroying their webs when I clean.

But we have a poisonous one - just like an severe bee sting, a white tail spider that I really dont like. Just container + cardboard + outside. I dont see the point in killing everything I dislike, I think it takes more strength to cool your nerves and have to carry it outside even if it terrifies the crap out of you 

My policy is very much the same. I never kill insects or spiders that turn up in my house. I leave them be but if they are a potential nuisance such as a wasp I just open a window and sometimes help them out if they don't take the hint. I don't like slugs and they have occasionally turned up in my kitchen which isn't very pleasant. However I just scoop them up on something like a piece of card and put them outside in the garden. Unfortunately they can come back but then I just do the same. I don't feel it's right to kill these creatures - most are harmless but the ones that are a potential problem should be removed without harming them.

As regards my least favourite things there are probably too many to mention. Often these are personal idiosyncracies. There are many types of food and drink I dislike - alcohol is a definite example - but the dislikes are more due to personal preference than any "rational" reason.


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On 3/9/2019 at 11:21 PM, Alice said:

😆 I drink vinegar everyday. I have a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar with my meals for digestion, and use balsamic, white, rice, and apple cider vinegar in lots of recipes. I would be very sad if you did this lol

For me, it goes beyond simple dislike and into the realm of a serious autistic sensory issue. Catching the smell of it for just five seconds is enough to make me totally miserable and stressed out for the better part of the following hour.

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