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Autistic people never get the slack that other minorities are given

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On Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 10:14 AM, Sanctuary said:

Leaving aside the wider "social justice" debate I would accept that there are some occasions where discrimination or mistreatment is wrongly imputed. Sometimes a person genuinely (if wrongly) believes they have been mistreated; on other occasions their motivation is more cynical and centred on getting attention or even compensation or perhaps just to stir up trouble. However that is not to deny that there has been a long history of discrimination against certain groups and that discrimination continues to be a problem in certain circumstances. 

As regards autism I don't think there can be much doubt that almost all autistic people have faced mistreatment. In some cases this is because their condition is not known to others (or even themselves if they are unaware of autism) and therefore their behaviour is misinterpreted. In other cases though their autism is known about and that leads to knowing discrimination by others who see autism as in some way a "problem". 

I think it's absolutely right for those with autism to be treated fairly. it's also quite justified for them to campaign on issues and also to take pride in their autistic identity. There will be some individuals with autism who unjustifiably use it to excuse bad behaviour or see discrimination when it isn't there, or who pursue a dubious idea of autistic "superiority". However I think most on the spectrum have a measured view of their situation and don't make unjustified complaints. They take pride in their difference but realise that difference doesn't have to mean division from others. 

Sometimes the autistic superiority trip is one useful stage in rebuilding broken self confidence. It's very important not to accept false ideas of inferiority that start to be imposed by society. Such as being told repeatedly how bad you are at something. I agree though there comes a time when more self humility and balance is preferred. At some point I started to see more of my faults and less attractive attributes. Also very helpful is to recognise your strengths and weaknesses. 

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