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Top 5 Favourite Songs (revised)

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What a difference a few months can make. 

1. Itchycoo Park - Small Faces. 

2. I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles (in fact, the Revolver album was just pure magic in general)

3. Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles (Unlike Revolver, you can keep the rest of The Magical Mystery Tour album - I go straight to Sgt. Pepper after that.)

4. Lazy Sunday - Small Faces (Shit mood? Not after hearing this.)

5. Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks (Pure magic when you actually play this outside Waterloo Station at 9pm on a cool evening in June.)

The Beatles and Small Faces dominate most of my top 10 to be honest, and there's a good reason for it - it's music that makes the soul sparkle and gives you life when you thought you were dead. Surprisingly I've left Hendrix out - if we're talking top 5 artists he's certainly in there.

It's also funny how favourite albums and favourite songs often don't relate. I mean, I love the White Album as a piece, but I wouldn't rank any of the songs in my top 20. Is that just me? 

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@Ben I like the first one.


1. Songs for Zula - Phosphorescent (the live version). This is the only melancholy toned one in my top 5, but its worth it.


2. Jack Johnson - Anything at all - Ive listened to all his albums shuffled (apart from the kids songs) for over a decade and I never tire of it. Its heartfelt, soulful, uplifting and insightful. Favourite artist of all time.






3. Dancing in the moonlight - Thin Lizzy



4. Barenaked Ladies - Pinch Me


Also if you need cheering, Lookin Up (Accoustic version) by them never fails


5. Name - Goo goo Dolls (But Marinade by Dope Lemon.. and The KIllers really wrestle for this spot)


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