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Kuribo [old account]

Same here - WP is a bit like that. I used to post there but I've gone right off it. It's way too busy for my liking.

WP is far too busy for my liking too. It's not very good for finding friends nowadays, but I have to say that I learned more about myself there than on any other site. The fact that it's so big means that there's a huge variety of viewpoints, so people new to the Autism community can get a feel for the multitude of opinions on less-publicised issues such as the "cure" debate, etc.

I'd recommend Asperclick and one other forum to anyone looking for friends, but WP can be a great educational resource for those unfamiliar with the online community.

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Eeek!!! They're changing the software!!! :o :o :o


I absolutely HATE it when people change my favourite forums. :angry: :angry: :angry:

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